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Networking Notebook


Stylish, high-quality notebooks for professionals who want to track their networking activities easily and effectively. Created by networking strategist and founder of NetKno, Jeni Smith, these beautiful notebooks have been designed to help you create actionable notes from the networking events you attend.  
  • Perfect for both online and in-person networking, each double page spread has a section for details on the event you attended: Name, Host, Location and Date.
  • With a large section for general notes; especially useful if there’s a talk or training element to the event.
  • Then a section for keeping notes on ‘Who’ you met and any ‘Tasks’ you might need to follow up with e.g you met someone called Sarah who’s a graphic designer and you promised to send her a link to a blog post you wrote as you think she’d enjoy it.
  • With ticky-boxes already included you can create your to-do (or ‘ta-da!) list as you go, making sure you never forget to follow up with your contacts again.
  • There’s also a handy pocket at the back of the notebook where you can keep all the business cards you collect from the people you meet. Plus a useful pen loop, elastic band cover to keep your book together, and soft ribbon so you can keep track of the right page.
These practical, quality notebooks are the perfect accessory for any profession who likes to keep organised and look darn good doing it! We’ve also partnered with Ecology so that for every notebook sold, we plant a tree!

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