Learn How to Network!

Effective networking comes from strategy, skills, and confidence – three areas we cover in NetKnoHow’s training courses and workshops!

Learn from home, in your own time, and through engaging content filled with interactive worksheets and quizzes! All designed to help you apply your new knowledge to your own personal objectives.

Trees planted with every course sold

Trees planted with every course sold


On Demand Learning

NetKnoWho offers on demand networking courses, giving you the flexibility to develop powerful new skills in your own time.

How to Network:

At In-Person Networking Events

Be an Amazing Networker:

Remote Business Networking

Become a Strategic Networker:

Create a Networking Strategy!



Network Training

We provide a range of in-person and remote networking training, workshops and courses to businesses, academics and teams all over the world!


This could be creating a bespoke networking strategy for you to improve ROI, impact and achieve your networking objectives. It could be offering 1-2-1 coaching and skills development to build your confidence and help utilise networking opportunities. Or it could be helping you with the design and management of your own networking events.

If you’re not quite sure what you need, but you know you could be getting more from networking, get in touch! We’d love to have a chat and explore different ways we could work together.

We work with various support agencies across the North East so could potentially help you tap into funding to support us working together – get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.


Public Speaking and Hosting

Having ran networking organisations all over the country we have years of experience hosting all kinds of events. If you’re looking for someone outside your organisation to host an event for staff, for clients, or for members of the public we can help.

Our founder, Jeni, has also done her fair share of public speaking, in-person and remotely, to audiences all over the world. You can download her speaker pack HERE or get in touch for more information and availability.


Strategic Networking?!

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Strategic Networking?

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