Virtual Event

Virtual Event

This event is held entirely online. Access detials will be provided from the host, upon registration.


Wed | Sep 21 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Work On…. as a team

Assist Women's Network Assist Women's Network

What is a Work On and why do you need it?

Working together to build a better business


If you’re running a business, when was the last time you stopped, took a breather and really took a ‘big picture’ look at where you’re going?

Are there any obstacles that are holding you back?  Something that’s keeping you at ‘good’, when you could be GREAT!

Do you have an impartial confidante with whom you can discuss new ideas or who can offer those flashes of inspiration with the sentence ‘have you thought about…?’

If you’re struggling with any of the above, our “Work Ons” are here to help.

Our ‘Work Ons’ are about finding YOU time for your business, within a small group of like-minded women you have the chance to openly talk through one of your business concerns in a confidential setting.  This will be a time to get inspired, get sharing, problem solve, get the creative juices flowing as you return the favour and assist others in their business too!

The ‘Work On’ will be facilitated by a trusted member of the Assist team.

All three of you have a set and fair time alloted to discuss YOUR issue, you take a little of your time on your background and the key question or problem.  Then to follow your other two co-workers and the facilitaor is with you to work through this, sharing ideas, contacts, best practice and some real lightbulb moments can occur!  To close you have a few minutes of your time to check them action points and ideas you have to take back to your business.  The conversation is private, with some open and honest discussion. The aim to support one another!  #WomenSupportWomen

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