Virtual Event

Virtual Event

This event is held entirely online. Access detials will be provided from the host, upon registration.


Wed | Jul 21 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The Leadership Co-coaching Network (Cohort 2)

The Leadership Co-Coaching Network The Leadership Co-Coaching Network
A series of 6 workshops for leaders and HR professionals passionate about personal development and helping others achieve their potential.

In this series of fun, informative and perspective-altering bi-weekly workshops you will learn about; yourself, what type of leader you want to be and the impact you want to make, how to communicate and influence more effectively using coaching skills and how using coaching techniques can revolutionaise almost everything you do at work, from meetings to apprisals to chats in the kitchen (or via Teams as the case may be).

During the workshops, facilitated by Organisational Psychologist and Coach Becca Brighty, attendees will coach and support one another and learn;

  • Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Models
  • Neuropsychology and why coaching is so effective.
  • You will work together to understand your strengths, weaknesses and guiding values as a leader and how these should shape your focus and career going forward.
  • Using a series of tested activities you will come away from each session more confident in what being a leader means for you and how to make that happen.

Network members will work together to support one another as we get back to working in this new way and reflect on the madness of the past 14 months. No more sitting at home worrying about all the responsibility that sits on your shoulders in a situation that the world has never seen before. Get help and guidance from other people in your shoes.


Feedback from current members

“I realy look forward to each workshop. Every single session has been really helpful. I notice myself asking questions in all sorts of different scenarios where I would have just given advice before and it’s working so much better”

“I would recommend Becca as an approachable, personable and knowledgeable coach – I have learned lots from her! “

“Wow, just wow!! Thank you for helping clean my outlook, you have definitely had an impact on my mindset vision and thoughts.”

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