Virtual Event

Virtual Event

This event is held entirely online. Access detials will be provided from the host, upon registration.


Wed | Oct 20 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Representation Matters: A Black History Month event

Connected Voice Connected Voice
An event for the local VCSE from Success4All with technical and administrative support from Connected Voice

Connected Voice is delighted to present this event, devised and delivered by Success4All, as part of our celebrations of Black History Month 2021: ‘Proud to be me’.

Representation Matters: A Black History Month event for the North East’s non-profit sector:

• 9% of the voluntary sector workforce are from an ethnically minoritised background.

• 4% of North East CEOs are from an ethnically minoritised background. The lowest in the UK.

• 4% of North East Chairs of boards of trustees are from an ethnically minoritised background. Also the lowest in the UK.

Are you shocked that our region’s non profit sector lacks representation?

Have you thought about the effects that a lack of representation can have on the people we support? Join us for a range of informative speakers and opportunities for discussion on the need for better representation of ethnically minoritised people in the North East non-profit sector. Our event aims to open up an honest critique of the sector in the hope of implementing change.

We encourage everyone who works or volunteers in the nonprofit sector to join us. We will have a range of speakers from our region’s non-profit sector – including stories from charity service users, on why representation matters to them. The event is the perfect opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, share your challenges and engage in a meaningful conversation on why representation matters.

Some of the key questions that will be explored include:

• Why is our sector lacking representation, and what can we do to address it?

• What are the consequences for the lack of representation both to the charity sector & for the communities we support?

• How does the structure and culture within our sector reinforce inequality?

In the words of Charity So White: We don’t want to burn the sector down, we want to make it better.

About Success4All: Success4All’s mission is to set children and young people up for a brighter future. We do this by engaging, empowering and equipping through creating nurturing environments where the local community comes first. With our community and school based services, the Success4All team lead activities that are playful, creative and that ignite curiosity within the children and young people.

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Note: Connected Voice is the voluntary sector infrastructure support organisation for Newcastle and Gateshead in the North-East of England. Free places at this event will be prioritised for VCSE organisations serving this part of our region. Registrations from outside our area, and our sector, may therefore be declined.


All our Zoom training and events will have closed captions (automatic subtitles) enabled. We can also provide a BSL interpreter for training and events on request, but ask you to give us enough advance notice to enable this to be organised. To maximise resources, we are unable to provide BSL interpreters for all sessions unless we know this is essential.

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