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Virtual Event

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Thu | Jul 21 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Microsoft Week: Top Tips for Word, PowerPoint and Excel

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Learn some quick wins when using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Many of these will be starting points to explore on your own after the session.

Topics Top 10 Tips you will wonder how you ever did without in Word
1. Click and Type wherever you like
2. Quick selection tips
3. Consistent formatting with styles
4. Reuse formatting using the Format Painter
5. Page Breaks
6. Repeat blocks of information using Quick Parts
7. Remove random inherited formatting so you can start from scratch
8. See what’s going on behind the scenes using Show/Hide
9. Find information quickly and replace repeated information in1 step
10. Change the case of your text in 1 click

Top 10 tips to pep up your PowerPoint presentations
1. Reuse slides from other presentations
2. Use sections to make long presentations easier to work with
3. Reset layouts that have gone awry
4. Convert a boring bulleted list to a funky graphic
5. Use animations to bring your presentation to life
6. Manage your presentation using presenter view
7. Create customisable handouts in Word at a click of a button
8. Produce your own animated GIFs.
9. Subtitle your presentation in real time for accessibility
10. Produce variations on a slide show for different clients without having to copy and paste the whole presentation.
Top 10 Tips to help you excel with Excel
1. Less used formatting options to make your spreadsheets look fantastic (merge and centre, currency format, wrap text to break wherever you want, clear formatting)
2. Create great looking tables with additional functionality using Format as Table
3. Create quick charts using sparklines
4. Repeat headings at the top of each page for printing or Freeze headings to keep headings fixed to the top of the screen
5. Fixing cells with absolute referencing for use in calculations
6. Quickly create subtotals for subsections of your data
7. Split data into multiple columns using text to columns
8. Complete additional columns of data automatically using flash fill
9. Use goto to quickly navigate to, or select specific parts of a spreadsheet
10. Arrange open windows easily using arrange all

This course is designed for new or existing users of Email. The attendee must have a basic knowledge of using a PC. Although this is aimed at Outlook users most of the concepts can be transferred to other emailing packages.

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