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Wed | Jun 16 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

IoD Panel Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion Deficit in the Boardroom

Institute of Directors - IoD Institute of Directors - IoD

A 2020 report by the Parker Review Committee ‘Ethnic Diversity: Enriching Business Leadership’, which explored the ethnic diversity of UK boards, revealed that, as of 31 December 2019, 37 percent of companies surveyed in the FTSE 100 and 69 percent of the FTSE 250 did not meet the target of at least one ethnic minority director on their board. In addition, only 6.8 percent of all FTSE 350 companies had directors of colour on their boards, with eight companies accounting for nearly 25 percent of those that do. John Parker, head of the Parker Review Committee states “Compared to two years ago, more company boards are at least talking about their deficit in leadership”. He further says. “A small number have actually gone beyond just talking about it, with 11 FTSE 100 companies making appointments that take them out of the all-white era. Women of colour have slightly outpaced the men – though neither group is yet anywhere near being represented in the numbers their talents deserve.”

This is the status of diversity and inclusion on the dimensions of ethnicity and gender, the very basic dimensions! How do boards create a culture of diversity and inclusion to develop a pipeline of leaders for their boardroom? How have organisations institutionalised diversity and inclusion agenda across their rank and file? How have leaders of ethnically diverse background fought their way up the ladder against all odds to reach leadership positions? It is the time to get inspired by their real life stories!

The Institute of Directors invites you to join this inspiring panel discussion in the afternoon of 16th June. This will be a thought-provoking, emotional and passionate panel discussion with international business leaders of diverse background and successful non-executive chair and board member(s) championing the cause in the boardroom. The panel discussion with be facilitated by Raj Singh, Chairman -Institute of Directors Berkshire and the audience will be encouraged to send their questions to the panel in advance.

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