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Virtual Event

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Tue | Jun 01 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Health Innovation Masterclass and Introduction (DFIB)

Business Durham Business Durham

About this event

• Are you a County Durham based SME with potential to innovate in the health sector?

• Are you already working on several products or services you want to improve upon?

• Do you want to extend your portfolio and directly help the NHS, GPs, Community Care providers and Patients to improve their care and quality of life?

The last year has shown us the huge potential to collaborate, innovate and push innovations and transformations in our healthcare sector.

Why attend?

Did you know?

“Whilst early adoption and application of technologies is important, there is also a significant amount of work to join up fragmented services, better treat patients and numerous customer journeys, departments and areas of healthcare, and a wider range of knowledge is required to support this transformation work inside and outside the NHS, including care organisations, charities, local authorities, and more. There are significant design, science and technology needs.”

Does this resonate with you?

Which SME or provider best describes who you are?

You may already be a healthcare business, looking at options to enhance your current product and service portfolio by introducing step changes, wider products, and markets. Products could be diagnostic, therapeutic, discovery tools, treatments, and rehabilitation solutions for physical and mental wellbeing and the technologies which may enable them.

You may be a health expert and service provider with a need to source expertise for an innovation which may revolutionise the way you work, transform your service, provide you with step change and disruptive tools, and take healthcare to the user. You may come from a pharmaceutical or life science-based SME, with knowledge about the life sciences, and a desire to grow your IP in other ways.

Alternatively you could be an SME with a great idea for the healthcare area, which is a natural fit and extension of your specific skills in data, technology, M2Ms AI, electronics, smart devices, sensors and photonics, 3d printing, engineering, industrial and other design disciplines amongst others.

You may also be one of the R&D experts in County Durham, interested in networking at this event to find out how you could support our healthcare innovators and cluster in County Durham.

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