Thu | Jul 14 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Digital Support for Sunderland VCSEs

Sunderland Software City Sunderland Software City

Sunderland Software City is offering Sunderland-based voluntary groups, charities and social enterprises the opportunity to attend a fully-funded residential to learn about how digital can support the vital work they are doing.

Over the various lockdowns, we’ve heard many organisations in the VCSE sector share their challenges in delivering their work digitally, as well as the barriers when it comes to their own organisations adopting digital technology.

Our friendly residential workshops provide relaxed learning opportunities in a peer-to-peer support format over the course of a day and a half. Attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas, connect with new partners and build on existing relationships to get the best out of digital.

At the event, our independent digital experts will be on hand to answer questions such as:

  • What do the buzz words surrounding technology mean for the VCSE community – Immersive, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and so on?
  • How to find and work with people and organisations in digital – what questions should we ask? How do we find digital companies we can understand and trust?
  • What funding is available to improve impact on beneficiaries through digital?
  • How to collect, store and manage data effectively and safely?
  • How can Trustees ensure ‘digital’ underpins all aspects of the organisation?
  • How utilise digital marketing and create a digital strategy?
  • What digital pivots has the pandemic created within your organisation?
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