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Tue | Jul 20 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Business Growth Roadmap – Engineering & Manufacturing Network

Engineering and Manufacturing Network Engineering and Manufacturing Network

We are pleased to invite you to this face-to-face, fully funded Business Growth Roadmap workshop, toolkit and support

EMN Members in the North East LEP area are invited to this free workshop, to be part of a collaborative peer group, setting a clear agenda for business growth and prosperity in the region. Places are limited to 15 for businesses like yours with a certain level of turnover and/or number of employees.

We have been working closely with Business Doctors and Northstar Ventures, to create a face to face fully funded peer to peer business planning workshop, focusing on building a strategy for your business. The cost of the workshop and toolkit would normally be £500; however, we are offering the workshop for FREE.

Regardless of where you are at right now, whether you are coping with a surge in demand or the opposite, trying to make sense of the number of opportunities available to you, or questioning the long-term viability of your current model, the Business Growth Roadmap Planning Workshop and Toolkit will benefit business owners by dotting an easy-to-understand roadmap including:

Being clear about your direction of travel – You may currently find yourself at a strategic crossroads, so understanding your direction and where your businesses is heading is critical. We will be focussing on gaining clarity around your personal shareholder aspirations, the underpinning values and beliefs that drive your business/brand identity and how this translates into building value in your business.

Planning the route – As with any journey, it makes sense to plan the most efficient route to take. The workshop will guide you through future proofing your business, unlocking the market opportunities that give you the returns you need to sustain and grow, before simplifying these into a clear strategic focus.

Driving Results – Planning is the easy bit: the key is to engage your team and build a leadership team around you that share your values and vision for the future. Your team must be capable of making things happen without you being the only one in the driving seat.

What you’ll get

  • Collaborating in a peer group setting for a genuine business recovery/growth agenda.
  • Sharing expertise, share experience, and work together for greater impact as a group.
  • Access to resources and information on funding to help get business back on track.
  • Access to the wider business knowledge combining both sector and good business practices.

What’s included

  • A fully interactive face to face workshop
  • A structured business roadmap workbook to help capture and record key learnings
  • A sales activity planning tool
  • A downloadable business Planning Implementation/project management tool
  • A private 1-hour follow up review session with a Business Doctor advisor
  • Access to a wide range of tools and resources to help get your business back on track

Places are limited so book yours now!

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