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Virtual Event

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Wed | Jun 30 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Build a Brand Workshop

Creative Fuse Creative Fuse
This interactive workshop focuses on branding and how to develop it for both your business practice and your creative identity.

The last thing that busy entrepreneurs, practitioners or small businesses want to think about is marketing and branding. Whilst critically balancing time, money, resources and energy in creating amazing new products or services, brand building is often an afterthought or a lessor priority in a to-do list that spans several pages.

The thing is though, brand building is a necessity, not a luxury. It helps your business stand-out in a crowded marketplace, connect with your audience and deliver a message that is consistent and fully representative of your talents, your identity and your values.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll consider the importance of delivering a consistent and recognisable image to your existing or potential new customers, ways to develop your brand and brand image and with a little creativity, techniques to ensure that your marketing communications help your business keep on-message and stand out.

Who should attend?

These sessions are aimed at small businesses, sole traders, entrepreneurs and practitioners across the creative, cultural and digital sectors within County Durham who are wanting to learn practical advice on developing a brand for their business and of the benefits of maintaining a consistent marketing communications message to their audience.

This event is hosted by the Creative Fuse NE project team at Durham University. If you are located outside of the County and unable to find events like this, we may be able to accept a small number of SMEs into this session. So please do sign up and we will be in touch to discuss your eligibility.

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